Wood is a natural product and compared to most other resources we use it is a very environmental product. Wood absorbs carbon from the environment as it is growing, so wood used in furniture has a negative effect on the environment as the carbon is locked in the wood. Burning wood has a neutral effect as the carbon released is no greater than that which the wood has absorbed.
I either source my wood locally or buy more exotic woods from companies that source there woods from ethically managed sources.
Because I work on my own my energy consumption is quit minimal as a lot of the work is done by hand. My intention is to produce furniture primarily from solid wood that will become heirloom pieces of furniture and be as useful in 100 years time as they are now and not be throw away items in a few years as fashions change.
The off cuts from my furniture and box making, I use up where I can for my wood turning so trying to maximise as much of the wood as possible. The sawdust and shavings I spread in the wooded part of my garden rather than sending to the tip.